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One Hour

Volunteers create literacy kits for preschoolers in need. These handmade packets comprise 26 flashcards (A through Z), a short note from the volunteer, and a list of educational games to play at home.

Volunteer ONE HOUR to create literacy packets to help equip families with the tools to teach their children to read.


the need

Millions of children from low-income neighborhoods lack the tools they need to learn to read. With your help, we can change this.

Parents need resources to help prepare their children to be ready for kindergarten. Being literate impacts a child’s psychological well-being, academic performance, and ability to succeed in life. Kids who start out ahead, stay ahead; the kids who start out behind, stay behind. This disparity in learning is referred to as the achievement gap. Love Letters packets make a difference. We help to close this achievement gap and give children the best start in life.

who we are

Love Letters For Literacy

Too many children entering school do not know their letters of the alphabet and start their education already years behind their peers in more affluent schools. This is your chance to make a difference doing something that is fun and easy and only takes one hour! Love Letters for Literacy is a 501(c)(3) with the goal of providing all students with access to early literacy tools. Thanks for reading about us!

If you make Love Letter packets email us info@lovelettersliteracy.org. Please tag us on Instagram @lovelettersliteracy, Facebook: Love Letters Literacy Project, and use #lovelettersforliteracy.

step 1

Gather your supplies

All you need is some paper and markers!

step 2

create the kit

Make 26 flashcards A – Z, use our template to write a personal note, and print the games sheet.

step 3


Email us to figure out where to send or drop off your packets!

Our Impact

Our donated literacy packets help thousands of children learn to read in all 50 states and across the world. The literacy packets support children and their families who reside in underserved communities. Love Letters is proud to have inspired thousands of volunteers including individuals, families, companies, and clubs. Love Letters appreciates every single volunteer! Every packet made helps another child learn to read.




Value of Service






U.S. States


Children impacted

This is a fun project with making a packet of alphabet letters and personalized letter to children so they can learn and have fun. I enjoyed making these packets with other Kiwanis Family including Pennsylvania District Circle K at their events including Fall Rally, Interpack, West Chester University Circle K’s Volleyball tournament and more. The popularity of this project has expanded to other Kiwanis Family around the world, and we most recently participate this project at 2020 Circle K International Next Virtual Conference with friends around the world.


Pennsylvania Kiwanis & West Chester University Circle K Alum

One of my driving beliefs in life is the importance of literacy in our society. When I discovered Love Letters for Literacy mission to create opportunities for all kids to enhance their reading skills, I knew that I had to contribute and help make an impact. I have really enjoyed recruiting and spreading the importance of this issue. Not to mention, I have also appreciated working with so many people who have been willing to dedicate their time making flash cards. Teachers, friends, and family! Anyone can help and for such a great cause!


High School Student, Virginia


Want to join us in recycling used markers? Click here to learn how!


Help a child learn to read

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