My mom and I started working with Love Letters for Literacy this spring during the pandemic and our state’s stay at home orders.  We discovered a link to the program on our school’s website under the “service from your couch” heading.  My mom is a learning specialist at the Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco and instilled in me a love of reading from as far back as I can remember.  She read to me when I was too young to even sit up on my own and we always had books on tape playing in the house and in the car.  This project really resonated with my mom and me as we both adore reading and recognize the importance literacy plays in creating access to learning, joy and opportunity.  We write the personalized letters for our kits and create alphabet sets whenever we have a free moment.  It has been such a fun way to give back and stay busy and connected when our access to other philanthropies has been limited due to COVID-19.  We are extremely grateful that Love Letters exists!

Bridget, High School Student, California