Love Letters for Literacy was the focal point of summer programs the nonprofit Training Workshops International (TWI4KIDS) ran in 2018 and 2019 (and will be again in 2022). TWI4KIDS provides education/leadership workshops at summer camps in the Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria) for orphans, disadvantaged and special-needs children, Roma community-centers, and Village schools. The children and caregivers loved making packets and playing literacy games! It was exciting to watch the children’s creativity drawing letters!  The village teachers felt this program was extremely productive.  They especially enjoyed using the games to test their students’ English skills.  Love Letters also empowers children and adults at our Special-Needs Centers camps to make packets with help from their caregivers!!
Everyone that participated will continue to make Love Letters as their own community service project and share packets with other children – carrying on Love Letters’ mission to spread literacy – multiplying the impact.  The students were inspired that Love Letters for Literacy was created by someone their own age.
Lisbeth, TWI4KIDS Nonprofit