The Love Letters for Literacy Project was a pleasure to take part in. The project’s purpose was to design a small pamphlet of the ABC’s for small children to have an easier/simpler way of learning their ABCs. I took large index cards and outlined each letter, uppercase and lowercase. Then, I drew a small picture on the side that started with the letter I was focusing on. For example, if the letter was A, I would draw an apple. This way the children would be able to identify the letter in an easier way by recognizing the picture. The making of the small booklet made me realize that there are so many organizations that willingly put their time and effort towards other people’s needs. It made me feel good that I was able to be part of this organization. To me, the Love Letters represented more than just papers with letters on it. It represented wisdom that will be passed on to other children, attainable knowledge to all, hope for the less fortunate, faith in all, potential success that every kid has, and the kindness of our community. It was a pleasure to take part in this project.

(Maggie pictured)

Maggie & Isabelle, New Dorp High School Key Club, New York